Single Glazed Glass Office Partition Providing Clean Area

Provides a clean area to work in.

Single Glazed

Provides a clean area to work in. The area depicted in the image is sterile, so all materials entering it had to be cleaned and decontaminated, as otherwise it would affect the dangerous chemicals manufactured for the Government.

These office partitions can be used to divide rooms and create private space, without compromising the appearance of the room. The elegant look of these partitions and the high quality materials make them an ideal addition to the workspace. There are different options and styles of partitions to suit your specific needs for its function.

All pre-cut on screws allowen. Whole structure held in place with strips of double sided tape at both ends.

The partition had to be pre-cut and punched to enable erection on site. Using patented spring and cam system the whole structure was erected with no fixings on floor or wall except for double sided tape both ends.