Taking care of our planet

Let’s Furnish the World Better

Margolis Office Interiors are committed to making the responsible choice. Sustainability is today more on everybody’s radar than before. Whilst we don’t claim to be perfect, we are pretty proud of our progress and want to share it with you. This year we have created a sustainability pledge, to communicate to our customers what we are trying to achieve as a furniture manufacturer, in the global framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Take Back Scheme & Refurbishment


In the UK, 37.2 million tonnes of commercial waste goes to landfill every year (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, 2018). This is the equivalent to around 3 million London double-decker buses, every year.

As a furniture manufacturer, we contribute to this figure. To reduce the impact our industry has on the environment, we have introduced a UK Take back scheme which takes back your unwanted furniture to dispose of responsibly, either through recycling channels or the furniture is refurbished and distributed to charity and community groups, to give the furniture a second life and reduce the amount of furniture reaching its end-of-life prematurely.

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Why Margolis?

We provide a very professional and comprehensive fit-out & refurbishment service from taking the initial brief through to completion & handover.
There is no substitute for experience & we have a highly successful track record with our in-house project management team and our highly qualified & experienced tradesmen, covering nearly thirty years of contracting. We have a very sound commercial sense and take personal pride in delivering a project on time & within budget. With our team of skilled project managers & tradesmen, we consider the needs of every project to be unique & we work closely with the client, through all phases of the project from design and pre-construction to actual building work & post-construct requirements, to guarantee a seamless service throughout.

. Document planning & project phasing
. Budgeting & conceptual costing
. Appropriate delivery methods
. Scheduling of building priorities
. Procurement of materials
. Equipment & labour resources

· Interior fit-out & refurbishment
· Exterior decoration & small building works
· Demountable partitioning & dry-lining
· Painting & decoration
· Mechanical & electrical services
· Air conditioning & lighting systems
· Raised floors & suspended ceilings
· General flooring & carpet tiles

We take our Health & Safety responsibilities very seriously and constantly renew our efforts towards removing the potential for accidents, to prevent injury & help save lives whilst working on site.  We comply with Health & Safety Regulations.

· Single point of responsibility
· Complete accountability
· Faster completion times
· Less expensive
· Less hassle

Throughout the project we remain the single point of responsibility for delivery of service. We accurately control what happens during the project from your initial design through to construction. We shoulder full responsibility for the whole project.  We are your single point of contact and if there is a problem along the way, then it’s our problem to sort out & not the clients. We provide a total package giving the client the advantage of dealing with one company to manage every aspect of the project (one point of contact with one point of responsibility & not a whole multitude of contractors to chase, supervise & coordinate).

Our Services

Quick space plan to test new office space under consideration for relocation; Determination of workstation type and shape, meeting and break out styles, storage solutions, etc.

Looking at the business model in terms of improving the efficiency of the office space, taking into account projections for future growth, etc.
– Staff numbers (future growth, continuous flexibility, hot desks etc.)
– Stacking plans (global representation of all floors of a company on one drawing), inter departmental relationship plans
– Analysis to find the most suitable staff collaboration solutions, more efficient use of space, improved staff well-being and client/ visitor arrival experience
– Business cultural change in terms of meeting spaces, and other areas (coffee areas doubling as informal meeting spaces etc.)
– Creation perhaps of new ideas based on cutting edge working methods, taking future technology into account

Full space planning and office design service including full interior design package.  Reception areas, breakout receptions, informal and formal meeting spaces, quiet workrooms, board rooms and presentation areas, tea points, industrial kitchens,storage and printing areas.

Planning new office furniture but integrating the new with a percentage of existing furniture which the client wishes to retain. General arrangement plans showing everything seamlessly represented and all items labelled.

Colour rendered, user friendly plans, 3D projection models of plans, 3D visuals, technical building plans and elevations.

Threading a continuous brand through the entire office interior i.e. finishes, colours, graphics, signage, furniture styles, use of technology.