The Industrial Pod

This system is fully relocatable. It can be  cut on site or pre-cut in the factory depending on the requirement of the project.


This flexible system is ideal when used in a cabin format.

  • Using its simple assembly system it can be put in place quickly and relocated when required.
  • It can be easily reconfigured.
  • There are a variety of panel options on offer, from double and single glazing to plasterboard and laminate.
  • Ceiling options from 600x600mm lay in grid system using either polystyrene tiles or laminated panels.
  • Cabin size can be tailored to each individual’s requirement.

 The cabin is constructed with pre-cut tubular aluminium frame 65x33mm and assembled using a patented spring and acentric cam system.

Door is aluminium framed full or half glazed with plasterboard panels on lower half.

Standard colour is white or light grey (or any other RAL colour at a small extra cost).

Guide price for a 3 x 2.5m cabin using single glazed and double layered plasterboard panels with a lay in grid suspended ceiling from £11,959 + VAT.

Price quoted includes delivery and installation

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