De Symetria Glass Executive Office Desk

De Symetria executive office desks by Margolis is a collection inspired by serene repose. Consider images of a hammock looking upwards towards the top of umbrella pines, where their thin and naked branches offer flat arrays of green. Or maybe imaginary waiters worthy of a well choreographed musical where their hands are opened wide with all fingers pointed up to hold glass trays in perfect unison. Now visualize this collection applied with the symmetry of two straps or steel arms of various lengths that hold transparent tops. These straps may be covered in saddle leather for a more comfortable look. This result in a system built like a bridge that is very architectural and all founded on the static components of equilibrium defined by symmetry.

The shape and mass can be covered in wood and saddle leather, glass and saddle leather, only in saddle leather, or lacquered to contrast with the lightness of the trays and transparent tops. The transparency of these steel “open hands“ becomes the characteristic of the collection. There is the same relationship between the trunk of a tree and the branches, or between the body and outstretched hands that is recreated here with few, but essential lines that mirror each other to create De Symetria.