The Margolis Planet system is the ultimate in flexibility, giving you a variety of panels of different heights, widths and materials, making it easy to customise your design.

At 70mm thick, this aluminium framed screen is not only very rigid but very strong as well, so that it can support 3rd level storage cupboards. Planet is a screen-hung desk system, so the frame helps support the weight of the desk allowing you to reduce the number of supporting legs, which looks sleeker, and is also more cost effective. Due to the sturdiness and strength Planet provides, this product can also be used to create a Workwall. This screen also offers wire trunking and management at a skirting board level, accessory rails and the ability to add glazing to part of or all of the screen if desired.

The tiled system gives a distinctive look, which is easy and cost effective to change: simply remove the panels and recover to transform your scheme.This gives Planet longevity, flexibility and complete customisation years after purchase.

Available in a height of up to 2400mm, the Planet system can create private ‘rooms’ which can be taken down or moved around at will, offering superb flexibility. It can also be linked to other Planet screens resulting in unlimited length and configuration options.

The Planet screen offers Acoustic Blocking as standard, meaning that all discussion and meetings will not disturb other employees. You can also order an Acoustic Absorption version of this screen which will result in less distractions from the outside world.

Acoustic Absorption:

Sound Transmission Class = 30dB

A screen with an NRC* of 0.95 absorbs 95% of sound that hits it.

*Noise Reduction Coefficient.

We offer three different options for Acoustic Absorption:

  • 40mm acoustic foam on one side
  • 25mm acoustic foam on both sides
  • 25mm acoustic foam on both sides with a mass reinforced central blocking core

For maximum acoustic performance, using  both Blocking and Absorption combined is recommended. Higher acoustic specifications are available dependent on your requirements.