GEM Separates Hi-Fi Stand

Every modern home needs a modern Hi-Fi stand. We are able to offer the latest in audio technology to create furniture specially designed for audio visual equipment.

The secret lies in our special vibration minimising O-rings. Bosses are bonded onto the glass using UV bonding technique. The columns are fitted to the bosses, but O-rings are used to separate the components. This ensures vibration between the shelf and column does not occur. GEM separates Hi-Fi is a beautiful example of modern design coupled with innovative technology.

Choose from 8.4 mm clear, coloured or frosted speciality Acoustilam glass to match your home interior.

This audio rack is available in a choice of leg finishes, including Powder Black, Stainless Steel, Light Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Wenge. Whether your home is contemporary or more traditional, you don’t need to compromise on style to find a glass Hi-Fi stand to meet your needs.

This glass furniture is designed by a British team and built here in the United Kingdom. It conforms to strict British standards BS EN 12150-2:2004 (previously BS 6206).