The Margolis Galaxy is our most versatile range, and also our best selling, the Galaxy system offers a multitude of sizes, allowing you to create a bespoke scheme. Galaxy is a screen-hung desk system; the frame helps support the weight of the desk allowing you to reduce the number of supporting legs, which looks sleeker and is also more cost effective. Due to the sturdiness and strength Galaxy provides, this product can also be used to create a Workwall.

With a 25mm thick anodised aluminium frame surrounding a 42mm wooden carcase which incorporates a 40mm acoustic foam, you can choose between round and square profiles, allowing you to match them with desk frames. This screen is also available with a 2mm thick rubber core for increased speech privacy.

Galaxy is available with additional glazing options in 3mm acrylic that come in clear, frosted or solid colour varieties. It also includes a range of accessory rails to mount pen pots or paper trays, both portraits and landscape. A full range of desk mounting brackets allow Galaxy screens to be used with any desking range. If we don’t already have your ideal bracket, we design alternatives to perfectly meet your requirements.

Available with or without Acoustic Absorption and also as a floor standing or desk mounted version, so you can mix and match to create your ideal configuration. It can also be linked to other Galaxy screens resulting in unlimited length and configuration options.

Acoustic Absoprtion:

Sound Transmission Class = 25dB (with 2mm thick rubber core for increased speech privacy)

A screen with an NRC* of 0.95 absorbs 95% of sound that hits it.

*Noise Reduction Coefficient.

For maximum acoustic performance, using  both Blocking and Absorption combined is recommended. Higher acoustic specifications are available dependent on your requirements.