No one wants to see a messy desk. It can be distracting and even cause a decline in the standard of work one is able to produce. To be organised is to be able to file things orderly. However, there is always paperwork that needs to be kept on a desk. Hotels, healthcare facilities and many other businesses look for filing solutions for their desks that are smart and stylish whilst offering practicality.

We have designed a practical and very aesthetically appealing range of file trays and useful paper trays. The beautiful wood file tray is extremely practical. Each tray has been designed to stack onto each other so that any amount of files can be neatly filed away.

Classic in their design and simple in their decor, these trays can be used in almost any work environment. Both the file tray and paper tray can be produced in all of the wood veneers to match the desk or surrounding furniture. Even small items such as these are made with high quality manufacturing and high quality wood veneers ensuring that even file trays and paper trays are resilient and robust.