Contemporary Glass Boardroom Screening

This free standing Glass Boardroom Screen is ideal for breaking up your larger Boardroom into breakout areas or personal working spaces.

This Glass Screening is so versatile. It can be used all around the office, transforming rooms in endless ways to create temporary and permanent dedicated zones. The seamless design of these contemporary Glass Office Partitions can be personalised to your own taste by selecting the right finish. Choose from Coloured, Clear, Black, Frosted or Sandblasted Glass Partitioning to complement your office interior. Further customisation is offered with the option to have your strap line graphics or logo printed or etched onto the screening. Join thousands of other businesses who have chosen to use Free Standing Glass Boardroom partitions in their offices. You’ll find dozens of ways to add flexibility and understated sophistication in your working environment. As with other products in the range these bespoke Glass Office Partitions have been created by British designers and built here in the United Kingdom. Safety is key priority and these products conform to BS EN 12150 2 2004, previously BS 6206.

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