The Margolis Basic Flow is shelving system that creates mobile rooms for modern office work. It offers the benefits of pure storage furniture possibilities, with straight and curved shelves to design rooms and structure. It can also be partially closed by the use of movable louver elements felt the open shelving structure. The cabinet is thus an essential component of the overall architectural concept. 

The core of the system is the unique blind principle. Externally, the view is a united front optic of felt material with no apparent structure. As a matter of cause, this fits perfectly when moving at each straight and curve of the shelf elements. The blinds glide in front of the body and can continuously move over several shelf elements. The result is a change between open, transparent vistas and closed fronts. Allowing for mobile rooms to form that can be used for various office work such as: a service area, a communication island, a retreat area for concentrated work and of course as a central storage or library. This is primarily in open plan office concepts.

The organic design of the overall structure in connection with material felt generates an inspiring working environment and a pleasant atmosphere in the room.