The word Artisan refers to skilled craftsmanship. The Artisan Credenza Range is a perfect example of successful creative skills and craftsmanship. Using both age old manufacturing skills and processes along with modern day skills has brought great results such as this Artisan Credenza range.

We bring popular old styles into the modern world. The original diamond shape elements of the art deco era are combined with eye catching wood veneers such as Maple. Doing this skilfully and sympathetically, we have produced a sleek and stunning credenza range that is versatile for both a traditional or modern setting.

The Artisan Credenza reflects high quality craftsmanship in both its design and construction. These are pieces of furniture that can be used in a busy environment every day and not look tired and faded. They are made with high quality materials and veneers. has a well-earned reputation for producing furniture that is still in use by the purchaser decades later. The Artisan Credenza range includes a Low 2 Door Credenza and a Low 4 Door Credenza. These offer plenty of storage both inside and on top of the Credenzas.