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The Chairmans Desk has a unique and charming concave angle for the user. The degree in which the angle is crafted presents a different feel for the user than the standard straight edge. This can be comparable to the difference between a chair and an armchair. An armchair feels like it is encompassing the body and providing a real soft feel for the user and for the decor of the room. The Chairmans Desk holds to a similar principle, not only is it extremely beautiful to the eye but it also conveys a feeling of warmth and comfort for the user.

Many choose this particular shape and design as the concave curve offers a generous work surface without things feeling out of reach or out of eyesight on the users desk. The Chairmans Desk is crafted with the age old process of drilling, doweling, gluing and clamping the wood making sure when corners and curves are made, they are made to last and hold. A Modesty Panel is an option available and can enhance the soft shape of the desk. The desk top can be a polished veneer.

W 224cm x D 99cm x H 76cm