Creating your perfect work space at home or at the office can be challenging but rewarding. Usually furniture is chosen that matches and complements each other. When it comes to the accessories, we have made sure you have all you need to complete your whole room. As everyone needs to be able to dispose of rubbish in the office, having a waste bin is inevitable. Why have a plastic planter when you can have a beautiful wood one finished to the same colour and standard of your desk and other furniture?

A waste bin is not generally thought of as a beautiful piece of office furniture. It is more likely to be described as ugly. The attention to detail is reflected in the design of the common waste bin and planter. The waste bin can now be seen in a more appreciative light. We have created a waste bin made with beautiful veneered wood. The waste bin is designed to be featured on its own or to be paired with one of the elegant planters.

Plants are a healthy and popular feature in the office. Here is the ideal solution. Planters and waste bins that will perfectly match your beautiful work area.