The Computer L-Shape Desk is an example of their good understanding of customer needs and preferences when it comes to ones own workspace and the type of desk required.

The desk L-Shape is designed so that one can make use of the extra work surface area without feeling restricted by the shape. There is plenty of room under the desk that allows any type of chair to easily and comfortably marry up with the desk. Some prefer this design as opposed to having extra storage and drawers like many of the other Desks available as it gives generous leg room and comfort for the user. This desk offers clean lines and an uncluttered look to an office.

The Compact L-Shape Desk is one of the overall smaller L-Shaped desks. This design is practical for office or reception areas. To best accommodate the user and area in which the desk will be, the return can be made to be on either the left or the right side. The Compact L-Shaped Desk offers some advantage over larger desks within in an area of limited space. This serves a dignified look without being overbearing.

W 137cm x D 76cm x H 76cm – Price from £2395