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School Furniture

Finding school office furniture can be difficult. Quite often, office furniture suppliers have a range of stock aimed specifically at the commercial sector, but the needs of schools differs, which is why at Margolis Furniture we have a range of furniture solutions aimed uniquely at schools. Schools need all sorts of office furniture, from the offices and classroom to the library and reception area. In addition, in many of these areas, office furniture needs to be suitable for children, which not only means being different in size to adult furniture, but also it has to be safe. At Margolis Furniture, we have a range of school furniture designed specifically with the needs of the modern school in mind, from equipping classrooms with computer desks and ensuring enough storage for books in the library, to providing a stylish and welcoming reception area. All school furniture from Margolis Furniture comes with our price promise, which means that if you find the items available for immediate delivery online cheaper elsewhere, we'll match the price. This ensures that you can equip your school and be confident you are getting the best price, helping you to make good use of that precious school budget. More about School Furniture

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Classroom furniture

The school classroom has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Once, flip top desks were common, now the modern classroom often has to accommodate computers, worktables and individual desks. Of course, space is always a factor in classrooms, which is why Margolis Furniture has a range of compact furniture solutions aimed specifically at the modern classroom. With a huge range of children's desk, in a wide selection of colours and styles, you can equip a classroom without having to worrying about space thanks to our free consultancy, space planning and site survey. Furthermore, as we offer some of the most competitive prices around, with our price promise ensuring you won't get cheaper elsewhere, you can ensure a classroom is equipped within budget. Whether you need computer desks, teachers desks, classroom chairs and worktables, all of Margolis Furniture's range of office furniture for schools is robustly designed and comes with our five-year guarantee, so you can also rest assured it is designed to last.

Benches, chairs and seating

Whether it is for the classroom, dining room, library, playground or reception area, Margolis Furniture has a huge number of seating options available for schools. Designed specifically for children, our school chairs are robustly made, safe and comfortable. Suitable for the classroom, dining room and other areas of the school, they are made specifically for children and come in a range of sizes, styles and colours. We also have a range of benches, designed for outdoor use to provide seating and dining areas in the playground. Of course, not all seating in schools is used by children, and Margolis Furniture has a range of reception area furniture, office furniture and chairs for adults designed to meet the needs of the modern school. Whether it chairs for teachers, comfortable seating for a school reception or standard office furniture for administrative staff, Margolis Furniture have everything you need in stock, and no matter where you are in the country, our nationwide delivery service means you can equip your school, without having to visit our showroom.

Library furniture

The library plays a crucial role in any school, and shelving, bookcases and library furniture can make all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect setting for young minds to learn. At Margolis Furniture we have a number of solutions that will ensure no matter how big or small your school library, you can turn it into a hub of learning and a place your school children will enjoy visiting.

The right bookshelves, cupboards, tables, chairs and comfortable seating can make all the difference in turning a dour, cold room into a modern, welcoming library. With a range of bookcase options and mobile shelving systems, you can also ensure your school library remains well ordered and tidy, making it easy for children to find books when they need them.

Dining room furniture

As with the rest of Margolis Furniture's range of school furniture, our dining room solutions are aimed specifically at children, offering safe, robust and easy to clean tables and chairs to provide a positive dining room experience. No matter how big or small your school dining room, we have a number of solutions that will not only provide a well-designed dining room, but also because of our price promise, you can equip your school dining area well-within budget.

When it comes to designing a dining area, making the best use of space can make all the difference. Our free consultancy, site survey and space planning can help you maximise the space in your dining room, ensuring you can seat children safely and efficiently, minimising the need for additional dinnertime sittings. Why not call one of our professional furniture experts, who will be happy to assist you in creating the perfect school dining area.

Lockers and storage

Keeping a school tidy can be an uphill struggle, but ensuring you have the right amount of storage is way of making sure things don't get too messy. At Margolis Furniture, we have a huge selection of cupboards, bookcases, shelving and lockers designed specifically for school use, helping you keep the school tidy and have ample storage around the classroom. Our school locker solutions come in various designs and styles, from the traditional metal lockers to more modern, lockable cupboards that provide ample room for an individual pupil's belongings. Designed to save space, our range of locker solutions are ideal for corridors, changing rooms or cloakrooms, enabling you to provide a personal space for each schoolchild.

At Margolis Furniture we also have an extensive range of office furniture suitable for all administrative needs around school. From desks and chairs to tables and filing cabinets, you can equip your school office with everything you need at Margolis Furniture, which provides a one-stop location for all your school furniture needs.

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