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Aeron Chair by Herman Miller
Aeron Chair Information & Detailed Features of the Herman Miller Chair:

A chair like no other

• Aeron’s unique design and components have set a new standard in high-performance, long-term seating.
• This chair represents breakthroughs in ergonomics, use of materials, and aesthetics.
• It is now part of the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York and many other museums throughout the U.S. and Europe.
• Among its many awards, Aeron was selected as “Design of the Decade” by the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week magazine, the only furniture product to be so honored.
Aeron’s advanced ergonomic design includes:
PostureFit, which promotes healthier posture for greater support and comfort
• Pellicle suspension material, which is unique to the Aeron chair
The Kinemat tilt, also exclusive to the Aeron chair
• Three sizes, fitting the widest range of user sizes
Material comfort
• Aeron is the only chair with Pellicle suspension material, which is a key element of Aeron’s overall comfort.
• It shapes itself to the contours of the body.
• It suspends the sitter’s weight evenly over the seat and back.
• It allows air to circulate for cool, comfortable sitting.
A smooth ride
• As the sitter leans backward or forward, the Kinemat tilt allows the body to pivot naturally & simultaneously at the ankles, knees & hips.
• This means a smooth ride and proper support in any seated position, all the time.
Performance throughout the workplace
• Aeron is suited for use throughout the workplace for all kinds of workers.
Task intensive: 4 to 8 hours at the computer; other tasks play a lesser role
Multitask: 1 to 3 hours at the computer, with a variety of other tasks during the day
General: an hour or less at the computer; a variety of other tasks take up most of the day
Environmentally responsible design
• Aeron’s design is environmentally responsible.
• Recycled content is 66 percent. The base is made from recycled aluminum; the frame and back are made from recycled plastic bottles.
• The chair is 94 percent recyclable.
• Aeron is constructed for ease of disassembly and recycling.
• Aeron is GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting product that meets current indoor air quality standards.
Features and Benefits:
• Instead of seat and back cushions of fabric-upholstered foam, Aeron has Pellicle, a permeable, two-way stretch material, on the seat and back.
Pellicle lets air flow to the parts of the body in contact with the chair.
• With Pellicle, seated skin temperatures remain essentially constant.
• Pellicle allows moisture to dissipate and heat to be conducted away from body surfaces.
• With fabric-upholstered foam, seated skin temperatures rise.
A high level of surface pressure can constrict blood vessels, restricting blood flow and causing discomfort.
• People of different body weights and builds distribute their weight on a chair in similar patterns, but pressure intensity and areas of distribution vary from person to person.
A chair should distribute pressure evenly.
• PostureFit provides healthful lower-back support for anyone whose work involves hours of task-intensive seated activity.
• PostureFit adjusts to the lower back’s contours below the beltline, filling the space that exists between the lower back and the back of a chair.
• By doing so, PostureFit supports the natural forward tilt of the pelvis to promote the alignment of the spine.
• This enables the sitter to sustain a healthier posture and, as a result, to experience a greater degree of long-term comfort.
As the sitter leans backward or forward, the Kinemat tilt allows the body to pivot naturally at the ankles, knees, and hips.
• This means proper support in each of the 3 basic work postures—forward, slightly reclined, deeply reclined.
The sitter can move spontaneously between the 3 postures while maintaining comfort and support.

Aeron Chair - Herman Miller Chair
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller,
(full spec)

repossessed stock, good condition, Limited stock available

Star buy £ 390 + VAT
Sale price was £675 + vat

You save £285 + vat, per chair

aeron chair posture fit -  spine

Aeron Chair posture - pelvis and lower back

Improperly fitted
• Improperly fitted chairs can cause discomfort and contribute to health problems.
• Achieving a match between body dimensions and chair dimensions is crucial to healthful sitting.
• Most work chairs that fit “average” people don’t fit others.
• Aeron comes in three sizes - A, B, and C - all with identical performance capabilities.
• Aeron fits the 1st percentile female to the 99th percentile male in terms of weight and physical dimensions, giving it the most inclusive range of any work chair on the market.
• The B-size Aeron fits the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male.


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